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Sandpaper serves to scrape or flatten or smooth the surface of the object by rubbing. The types of sandpaper according to the shape and the material one of which is the Roll Roll, usually made of cloth and is a versatile sandpaper. Rolls Greyhound sandpaper is usually used to rub various materials including iron, wood, walls, and others. Particles of dregs roll is also not easy to fall so that it can also be wetted with water as well as paper sandpaper to scrub objects made of iron. However, if used to rub the walls and objects made from wood, usually do not need to be wetted. Because it has many uses, rolling abrasives are also known as versatile sandpaper or multipurpose sandpaper.

If you are looking for our Greyhound Roll Sandpaper CV. Greyhound Indonesia sells various types of Greyhound Roll Sandpaper for you to choose according to our product requirements including: Sandpaper Roll Greyhound Grit 180, Sandpaper Roll Greyhound Grit 320, Sandpaper Roll Greyhound Grit 240, Sandpaper Roll Greyhound Grit 400, Sandpaper Roll Greyhound Grit 120, Sandpaper Roll Greyhound Grit 120 and many more. For price information on Greyhound Roll Sandpaper, please contact us.

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