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Specification of Greyhound Sandpaper

Selling Sandpaper

Understanding the type of sandpaper does not only depend on the material of the maker. Sandpaper is also distinguished based on its use. CV. Greyhound Indonesia Sell Sandpaper Roll Paper with Sandpaper Price that is cheap or very affordable. This type can usually be used to rub various kinds of materials including iron, walls, wood and so on. It is not easy to fall off so that if used to rub iron material it can be moistened with water as well as paper sandpaper. Also called Multipurpose Sandpaper

Various types of Grit (Roughness) are available
Start Grit 40 - 800 etc.

Price of Sandpaper

CV. Greyhound Indonesia Sell Roll Sandpaper with Sandpaper Paper Prices that are very accessible from all walks of life. It certainly does not reduce the quality of the products we sell to customers. Trust from customers to deliver quality products at affordable prices is certainly one of our concerns.

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